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Your source for Heat Exchangers and Replacement Parts for Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Hydronic Applications.

Doucette has been a leading supplier of heat exchangers, vibration absorbers and OEM parts to the HVAC/R industry since 1975. Our products improve system efficiency and reliability resulting in lower operating costs and longer life. Doucette's complete product line allows us to make unbiased recommendations so that the best solution is offered for each application. As an ISO 9001-2015 certified company, Doucette continuously strives to improve product quality and performance. All products are individually tested prior to shipment. Give us a call on your next project, we actually answer the phone.

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Residential heat exchanger

Aquefier Heat Recovery Unit

Your A/C cools your house... now use it to heat your water for free!

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Waste heat recovery unit

C Series Light Commercial Desuperheater

Heat hot water for home or business by recovering wasted heat.

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Commercial heat recovery

DC Series Desuperheater

Save energy by recycling wasted heat from A/C or refrigeration units to heat liquids.

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Waste heat recycling unit

AC Series Desuperheater

Save energy by recycling wasted heat from A/C or refrigeration units to heat liquids.

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ammonia heat exchanger

CADS Ammonia Desuperheater

Heats hot water utilizing waste heat from industrial refrigeration systems.

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CO2 Vaporizer - heat recovery unit

CO2 Vaporizers

Uses heat recovery technology to reduce operating costs while preventing beverage contamination.

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Suction Line Heat Exchanger

Suction Line Heat Exchangers

Used for enhanced evaporator capacity, system stability, compressor protection and oil return.

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Coaxial Coils for condensers, chillers & heat pumps

Coaxial Coils

Designed for use as water cooled condensers, water chillers and in water source heat pumps. 

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high performance tube-in-tube condesers

Tube-in-Tube Condensers

Offers OEM’s, contractors and end-users the advantages of high performance and compact packaging.

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Shell & Tube "Chiller-Barrels"

Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers

Shell & Tube "Chiller-Barrels" with OD enhanced tubing and ring cover construction provides ease of service.

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compact brazed plate heat exchangers

Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers

Compact heat transfer systems ideal for evaporator, condenser and sub-cooler applications.

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Vibration Absorbers

Minimize compressor and pump vibration right at the source with industry-standard connectors.

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liquid to liquid heat exchangers

Liquid to Liquid Heat Exchangers

Designed for highly efficient heat transfer covering a wide variety of liquid types.

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commercial tube bending

Contract Manufacturing

Quality manufacturing by certified workers for tube bending over many sizes and diameters. 

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Doucette Line Card 2018

A complete line of HVAC/R Components.

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