About Doucette Industries

Doucette Industries, Inc. is your ideal source of heat exchangers and replacement parts for Refrigeration and Hydronic applications.

Here's why:

Rapid response assures your orders arrive on time or before the confirmed date of delivery. An in-house inventory of replacement components also supports prompt shipping of your product requests.

Customization of any heat exchanger to your unique specifications provides excellent flexibility in meeting your heat transfer requirements.

Wide product selection presents you the convenience of dealing with one vendor for all of your heat transfer needs, saving you time, money and administrative hassles.

Our personnel possess over 300 years combined experience in the manufacture of heat exchangers alone, providing you with confidence when making your decision to purchase some of the highest quality heat transfer equipment available.

Outstanding innovation in the heat transfer industry has led to our being recognized as the "Innovators of the Vented Double Wall Heat Exchanger", and Doucette will continue to pursue excellence in the development of its products.

Heavier gauge tubing enhances durability and reliability, and at a price comparable to that of competitors. You benefit directly through decreased downtime, repair, and replacement costs that can result from the failure of poorer quality heat transfer products.

Major credit card acceptance eliminates credit checks, speeding up order processing. This means international customers can receive products 2 to 3 days faster.

  • Consistently acknowledged as a leader in the four distinct markets we serve since our founding in 1974:
  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Wholesalers - providing new and replacement components
  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning OEM's - providing standard and custom components
  • Applied Refrigeration Products - providing heat transfer systems to Contractors in the Food Process and Beverage industries and other refrigeration markets
  • Vented Double Wall Heat Exchangers - for Commercial and Industrial applications using potable hot water and meeting requirements for plumbing codes

The History of Doucette Industries

Doucette began as a manufacturer of sea-water and fresh-water condensers, suction line heat exchangers and other components for air conditioning and refrigeration applications. In 1976, their SLHE line was listed by Underwriters Laboratory and the company began broadening its customer base from wholesale accounts to OEM'S. Doucette also entered the heat recovery market with a device designed to recover energy from air conditioning and refrigeration systems and used to heat potable water. This device, called a Desuperheater / Water Heater was upgraded in 1977 to include the vented double wall to preclude water contamination and refrigeration system damage. It was the first such device to win an Underwriters Laboratory listing and to meet nationwide health codes. In 1978, the mechanically cleanable vented double wall heat exchanger was introduced to the solar energy market and other markets and won immediate acceptance by all municipal, county, state and federal agencies. A patent was granted on the vented double wall heat exchanger on July 1, 1980.

In 1982, heat exchanger model selections were enhanced and accelerated by computer optimization programs. This allows Doucette to select heat exchangers which fulfill customers' precise requirements; thus assuring the lowest initial cost and most rapid payback.

Doucette acquired the Y/P Products Division of the R G Group in 2006. This strategic purchase widened their product line and customer base through a strong presence in the vibration absorber and flexible metal hose markets.

In 2007, Doucette purchased the Heat Recovery Division of the Trevor Martin Corporation to broaden their heat recovery product line to include Residential and Commerical Heat Recovery Units. This Division remains located in Clearwater, FL. Later in 2007, Doucette bought and moved the assets of Cool Reef, a manufacturer of pool and spa heat exchangers, to their York, PA manufacturing plant. Today, Doucette's business and customer base continue to grow, with over 1,000,000 heat exchangers installed worldwide. They are known by the customers they serve and have earned a reputation for quality products, engineering design flexibility, and rapid manufacturing capabilities.

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